Hao Hao Hao Hao
Dimensions: 4'1.25" x 20" x 5.5"
Wood: Red Cedar

An enormous bird with bony wings and a long flexible beak. As it flies the wings rattle violently, and its note ;Hao, hao, hao,; can be heard for miles. Masked figures representing them are often used at kusiut dances. The Hao Hao is feared for its practice of inserting its long beak into the rectum of anyone sleeping carelessly in the forest and drawing forth its entails. This can be prevented by standing upright a staff, such as to hunters carry, before going to sleep.

The mask is usually three feet in length, in the shape of a bird's head with a long beak. A stick passes from its butt down the wearer's back and is held in place by his belt, thus balancing the heavy projecting bill. It is hinged so that the performers can make the mandibles snap together by pulling a cord concealed under his blanket.