Incubus Incubus
Dimensions: 20.5" x 8.5" x 7.5"
Wood: Red Cedar

During the cannibal dance, it is assumed that the dancer has had the nature and instincts of an animal enter into him; if this cannibalistic incubus can be driven out by beating time, he will be restored to sanity. After four rounds of beating, there suddenly appears beside the dancer the head of an eagle, wolf, or bear, according to his prerogative. This is the cannibalistic incubus, driven from him by the successful beating of time. The head has been carefully fixed by the carpenters so that it can open its mouth and give other signs of life. The incubus vomits pieces of meat, presumably the pieces of human flesh which the cannibal has devoured; in reality they are morsels passed into the back of the head by carpenters concealed behind the row of kukusiut. The uninitiated see the flesh fall into a box placed before the dancer's feet and watch steam arising from it, but they do not know that hot stones have previously been laid within to cause this. The cannibal bends down and bites at the meat while all kukusiut present stand up and call out ye... four times. After the forth shout the animal's head is concealed, though the uninitiated believe that it has returned to the land above whence it came to enter the cannibal.