Wife of Komakoa Wife of Komakoa
Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 10"
Wood: Yellow Cedar

There is one undersea being whom the Bella Coola regard with unmixed awe; he is Qomoqwa, lord of the supernatural ones beneath the ocean, as Atquntam is lord of those dwelling above. He lives in an enormous house under the sea. He is chief of the underwater beings who serve him and hunt for him. Qomoqwa resents any slights to his proteges and punishes any mortal who is unkind to them. The dread with which the Bella Coola regard Qomoqwa is due to his ability to suck canoes down to his home at the bottom of the sea as if in a whirlpool. He is usually hungry and nothing pleases him more than the human flesh. (McIlwraith).