Man Eater Man Eater
Dimensions: 41.25" x 13" x 13"
Wood: Red Cedar

Of all the kusiut dances, the one of which the uninitiated are most afraid is the cannibal dance. It is believed that the performer is exposed to greater dangers than in any other rite. The patrons of most cannibals are Qtquntam, Sexsexkalaix, or Kamai-ts, who implant in their proteges a wolf, bear, or eagle, causing them to devour strange foods. The Bella Coola consider that a man is equally a Cannibal whether he has the prerogative of eating corpses, biting the living, eating dogs or raw salmon, or biting himself. The most common of these is the right to bite the living, and few of the older people are not scarred thereby. (McIlwraith).